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High Performance car driving since 1962

Originating in 1962, the High Performance Course was born at almost the dawn of the motorway age by the BSM from the need for education at the very high speeds involved. There were an increasing number of high performance vehicles being manufactured, but no courses for the general public to learn how to use them safely on the roads.


 The then Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Lord Chesham, said at the inauguration of HPC that,


 "High performance cars… are about the safest on the roads, as long as they are properly driven".


It is about as true today as it was then.


The idea was to show people how they could handle powerful cars with complete safety on the roads. That also meant high performance thinking and behavior. It was also that the ideal HPC member should be able to cover the miles at a higher average speed than the general motorist, yet be safe and unobtrusive.

The experience behind John Lyon

The High Performance Car Driving Course is under the personal direction of John Lyon, one of the first co-drivers taught in the early 60's by an advanced instructor at The Metropolitan Police Motor Driving School, Hendon.


John Lyon later became an instructor at Hendon himself, one of the few civilian instructors to be taught to drive safely at high speed by Mr O.V. Thomas B.E.M.


John is well known for his roadcraft writing and his vast motor racing experience, in particular, his success as twice overall champion racing driver in the B.R. & S.C.C Caterham Super Seven Championship in his road going seven.



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