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Course Descriptions

The First Drive


Each course commences with a first drive, a half day of driving in your own car, on all kinds of road from town to motorway, county lane to primary route. It will give you the opportunity to access the quality of co-driving , to watch your co-driver drive your car while giving a commentary for a short time and demonstrate the standard of driving involved.


The first drive enables John to assess your experience and recommend to you the best course of training for your needs. It also ensures that the pace at which driving skills are acquired matches your level of experience and natural ability.


It is the first stage of each and every course we offer.

The Advanced Touring Course (ATC)


After your first drive it may be decided to take the Advanced Touring Course. The day involves seven hours of advanced road craft, driving across county in a progressive and flowing style.

The Gran Tourismo Course (GT Course)


Designed for the enthusiast who owns a powerful rear wheel drive GT car. After completing the first drive the GT Course comprises of a full days road craft tuition and a drive to an advanced proving ground. Here you will explore the cars handling 'on the limit', one to one with John Lyon, extend your skill and the cars' performance on the test track under supervision, in complete safety.

The High Performance Car Driving Course


You will have driven very well on the first drive to be recommended for the High Performance Course. It is for the very skilled drivers only and the standard for acceptance is extremely high.


The course takes two and a half days, including the half day first drive. The two day stage two and three of the High Performance Course includes four hundred and fifty miles of high performance motoring together with advanced skid control training and very high speed driving at one of the most advanced car and driver testing facilities in the world. Here you will travel at high speed under 'pressure'. The driving required is exceptional, the course achieves the highest standard of road craft skills of any civilian road driving course in the world, proved by the example set by members of the Gold Driving Club. If you display that exceptional ability you will be recommended to the membership. The 'test', is how well you drive as a new member at club events.

The Gold Driving Club


The driving requirement for the Gold Driving Club is extraordinary.


The display of motoring will be both fast and safe. On the proving ground the driving style should be fast, smooth, flowing and sympathetic to the car. Blending and fitting into the environment, linking vision with speed and available grip. Uncanny anticipation should be evident to foresee what is reasonable to expect, basing judgment upon not only what is seen but what cannot yet be seen.


"Full use of the performance of the motor car is when safe to do so, with no element of danger or inconsideration to other road users, letting the engine 'sing' and 'flowing' with an easy motoring style."


verbatim: as stated by the Earl of Cottenham 1936.


The Gold standard (grade 1) is the highest standard of highway motoring known in the civilian world. In fact, it is equivalent to what was previously recognised as Police Class One.


Members will be informed about exciting road and track driving events plus exclusive access to some of the UK's top test facilities - as befits the world's best High Performance Car drivers.

Racecraft Course


Current competitors in motor sport can take individual coaching, matching lap times with champion international racing driver John Lyon, meeting him at the circuit with their competition cars.


Your half day first drive is taken in a road car where you drive to a test facility to improve handling skills and road craft.


Please note you must a current RAC/MSA competition license holder to be accepted for the course.


Rally drivers can take coaching at a loose surface stage in their own rally cars, matching times and training with experienced racer and international driver, John Lyon.



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