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The relevance of the High Performance Car Driving Course in today's driving environment

High Performance car driving with John Lyon

A high performance car demands respect; you can sense the need to acquire the special skill and technique to drive it safely and well; you need skill in reserve, skill that can only be fully developed on the proving ground and skid road.

The high speed test track gives you the opportunity to extend your car to it's maximum performance legally, with complete safety and under expert supervision of John Lyon.

To find the limit of it's performance, to find out how it responds in an emergency and to discover if once on the edge, the limit is the car or perhaps yourself?

The High Performance Car Driving Course is here to find out safely.

The benefit of the High Performance Car Driving Courses

Any driver can benefit from the training given by John Lyon, even the best.

John Lyon provides a range of advanced road driving course that are carefully matched to an individuals level of experience and skill. Everyone is different, we each have our own experience of driving, and that is respected. All training is conducted on a one-to-one basis.

The style is of two good drivers going out to enjoy a fine car in the right environment; to be remote from the traffic and drive where motoring is most enjoyable, across country.


Your co-driver is mentor, companion and friend. There to help, inform and demonstrate. He will instruct, only if necessary, to give flexible training that fits in with your experience. He will develop your driving gradually at your own pace.





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